Dyno Tested: M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune (570S)

Dyno Tested: M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune (570S)

We dyno validated the M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune on the McLaren 570S. 
How To: Installing BMC Filters on a McLaren 570S Reading Dyno Tested: M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune (570S) 2 minutes

Swift Speed invests in data acquisition and testing products that we offer to our clients. We recently dyno validated the M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune on the McLaren 570S.

M-Engineering is a world-leader in tuning an array of supercars and European performance vehicles. M-Engineering has decades of experience in reverse engineering, software design and calibration. With many of the fastest McLarens flying around streets and dragstrips worldwide, M-Engineering is an experienced and trusted tuning solution for the M838T and M840T engine platforms. 

M-Tuner (Swift Speed)


Upon ordering the M-Engineering tune, we'll send you detailed instructions. The ECU must be removed and unlocked to be tuned with the M-Tuner software. Your box will arrive back to you a business day after it is received. Once unlocked, simply reinstall the ECU.

If you'd like to use the datalogging feature, reset any faults or manage files, you can download the M-Tuner Suite to a PC laptop and plug in the provided OBD-II port to your vehicle. 

Dyno Results

We tested the M-Engineering Stage 1 tuning calibration vs the stock calibration on the Swift Speed In-House Hub Dyno. Our Hub Dyno gives us amazing precision, consistency and accuracy of reading power. 

A huge amount of torque and horsepower is gained in the mid-range. Gains of up to 139.9whp and 93.1 ft/lbs of torque are recognized in the area under the curve. An impressive 71.8whp and 72.0 ft/lbs of torque are added to the peak numbers which translates into roughly 635HP at the flywheel. These results are very impressive with just a software calibration. 

M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune (Swift Speed) - McLaren 570S

Driving Impressions

The increased response and mid-range torque is quite noticeable. The car is much more urgent under throttle and the improved torque and power delivery gives a very nice thrill. Turn ESC off and you'll notice your tires fighting harder and harder during 1st into 2nd gear pulls. On our Dragy testing, we recorded 60-130MPH improvements of .41 seconds!

This tune really wakes up the 570S and is well worth it. The nice thing is you can store several maps for different calibrations or fuel. We're excited to test the Stage 2 calibration soon when we install some competition downpipes.